Joanne DiGeso

Joanne DiGeso is the most recent recruit at Statera Wines and we love the vibrancy she brings to our family! Her sommelier details include (too?) much time spent at swanky places such as the Four Seasons (Whistler), at Hawksworth Restaurant (Vancouver) and as the Wine Director of the Bearfoot Bistro (Whistler). A graduate of the WSET Diploma Level 4 and a Certified Italian Wine Ambassador through VinItaly International Academy, Joanne is currently soaring high towards the Master of Wine program and hopes to pass the entrance examinations this year. You can follow her wine rhapsodies on her website or attend one of her theatrical scores (wine seminars) during events such as Cornucopia and Top Drop.

A modern-day nomad moving from Germany to the Okanagan Valley, to Taiwan and to 3 different ski resorts, Joanne now spends her time between Whistler, Vancouver and Victoria. She never forgets to pack great wine on her hiking and canoeing adventures in beautiful British Columbia; and always remembers to smuggle wine back into the country at reduced prices after travelling abroad ;-)

Joanne holds an undergraduate degree in Sociology from the University of British Columbia and taught English in Taiwan for 2 years. She recently completed her WSET Educator’s Certification in New York and is currently consulting on planting a vineyard in BC. She loves spending time in vineyards selecting just the right producing canes (wine-speak for pruning) for the upcoming grape season.

Who is this Joanne? Think zen master meets the female version of Dionysus the Greek god of grape harvests, winemaking, religious ecstasy and ritual madness. As a metaphorical flame thrower, Joanne will break down students’ barriers to learning. Her classes have 2 rules: No oenophobes allowed and no prisoners taken.